Regular (major) maintenance
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Business type: regular maintenance (preventive maintenance)

Overview of business types

Carry out comprehensive or local inspection and maintenance treatment on relevant components affecting operation in a planned and scheduled time, so as to achieve the purpose of improving operation, improve operation reliability, avoid sudden failures and prolong the service life of equipment.

Regular maintenance can be divided into major maintenance and temporary maintenance.

Major repairs: by disassembling the equipment, check and find out the factors affecting the normal operation of the equipment, restore or replace the damaged parts, repair and trim the electrical parts, and renovate the appearance. Thoroughly remove equipment defects and fully restore equipment accuracy and performance. That is, the whole machine is repaired and treated, including fault repair, precision recovery, cleaning and cleaning of parts, surface renovation, etc.

This business can be carried out at customer site, service station and company.



On-site overhaul of motor



On-site maintenance of generator

Main achievements: Qinghai Golmud Petrochemical shut down and overhauled, Qinghai Golmud Petrochemical shut down and overhauled;